New year, new pets, same place…

Hatch of boat with Gean and Xoe

With the start of 2020, our arrival in the Cape Horn province, which was I think 6th of January, is now a year behind us already. We weren’t planning on spending so long here, but as we bought a rather dilapidated boat in a rather distant place, a lot of delay was always likely. Gean has some work restoring another yacht locally, so raising some rather necessary money. But of course repairs to our own boat have decreased in the meantime. Still the area’s a scenic one, if sometimes limited and chilly. Not bad till we can be off on our journey.

And we’ve done a fair amount in those twelve months since getting Space Oddity, in particular some important stuff initially, such as sorting out the interior and the electrics and engine. It all stopped a bit over the winter due to conditions here, but with the return of the south’s summer we’ll redo the antifouling shortly, and with some mending of the rigging we’ll be somewhat seaworthy. We’ve obtained some of the equipment we lacked originally, such as an anchor, most essentially. Also one largish doggy, and a small kitty…

Sunset in Ushuaia, Argentina
Sunset in Ushuaia

We started our decade over in Ushuaia, on one of our visits to Argentina’s side of the Beagle, but now we’re back as usual in Chile. Our dog Zibby did some foreign travelling finally, and some sailing, and appeared unbothered by the experience. Not so Nya-kitty, unused to much motion, who was seasick each way. (She moved onboard only recently.)

Kitten in hatch of boat in marina

We hope this year will hold more seafaring for the four of us on Space Oddity (and we hope the kitten becomes a better seafarer in time). Follow us for updates…


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