Fruit of the south: wild calafate wine

Plant of Patagonia

Fruit of the south, calafate, the plant of Patagonia

Few plants, and less food-plants, are to be found in Patagonia. The sole trees are stunted nothofagus, stooped in wind-bent postures permanently. Continue reading “Fruit of the south: wild calafate wine”

The Van de Stadt Blanche

Came across Space Oddity’s plans in the bilge the other day, and look at the lines – isn’t she pretty? The Dutch designer Van de Stadt’s portfolio was extensive, and this is the Van de Stadt Blanche; his boats are known for being strong and seaworthy.  Continue reading “The Van de Stadt Blanche”

Boat bathroom construction

Our boat’s interior, as described in our previous update, is currently in a bit of a state. We’re disassembling each cabin down to the hull, removing all the sand trapped there, then reassembling the rooms one by one. So we took the opportunity to shoot this video showing how the head (toilet) is made.

Reassembling a boat’s bathroom: hull check, insulation, cupboards, toilet, pumps, sink.