The tale of a stove

Back in January, I wrote that we were about to buy our then-derelict boat to start our sailing journey. Four months later, the boat’s looking a lot better, though the sailing remains in the future. We’ll be forced to make our first excursion shortly, when our vessel’s import permit expires, which will require that it reenter Chile. So we’ll visit Argentina on the Beagle Channel’s opposite side. Continue reading “The tale of a stove”

Fruit of the south: wild calafate wine

Plant of Patagonia

Fruit of the south, calafate, the plant of Patagonia

Few plants, and less food-plants, are to be found in Patagonia. The sole trees are stunted nothofagus, stooped in wind-bent postures permanently. Continue reading “Fruit of the south: wild calafate wine”