Northbound! We sail north from the world’s southernmost city

I’m writing from Ushuaia today, rather than Williams in Chile, as we’re now in Argentina on our northbound journey. Ushuaia (unlike tiny Williams) is a medium-size city, over the border formed by the Beagle, 45 km from Williams, and the only city nearby. Ushuaia’s pretty, in that it ascends the sides of snow-topped mountains seen behind the newish buildings continually, on a clear day. Skiers and ‘world’s southernmost’ seekers and hikers make the town very touristy. Catabatic winds spin dust spirals through its streets, down to the water of the bay. Windy constantly.

Our boat's berth in Ushuaia, Club Náutico
In our berth in Ushuaia (Club Náutico)
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Officials and puppies

Since we bought our boat going on six months ago, it hasn’t moved from an inlet of the Puerto Williams bay, thanks to engine troubles of which our readers are aware. Or rather it hadn’t until recently. Thankfully we became mobile shortly before the temporary import permit’s expiry, enabling us to fulfil the requirement of re-entering the country. More detail in earlier updates. The standard solution is a visit to Argentina’s Ushuaia, 45 km distant on the Beagle Channel’s other side.

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